ISR’s AirBeenBee 

Thursday, 20 May 2021

What better way to celebrate World Bee Day than by opening our very own AirBeenBee?

Our Kindergarten teachers have come up with a very special, sustainable, and creative idea for our Kindergarten students. Our AirBeenBee hotel lives up to its name and offers bees enough space to lay their eggs as well as enough food in the garden of the kindergarten during the summer months. It was explained to our kindergarten children beforehand what an important role bees play in our ecosystem.

Today, we held the opening ceremony for the grand AirBeenBee and our Kindergarten students were the first excited visitors. They explored the grounds with great interest and gained insight into the bees way of life. We would like to thank our great kindergarten teachers for their creative ideas, which are not only educational but also great fun for our students. The whole concept is creatively thought out, and we are all convinced that our children have once again understood and witnessed the special importance of bees for our nature!