ISR Twelfth Graders Support Environmental Awareness

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Four of our dedicated students went out on the streets  to clean the city from garbage and pollution again. Our students Penelope, Kazuki, Gordon and Mona met last Saturday at Düsseldorf Central Station to carefully collect and dispose of the garbage lying on the ground.

For several months some of our Grade 12 IB students have been involved in a CAS project with the initiative ” Wir machen Deutschland sauber “, which was initiated by the Japanese community of Düsseldorf. The goal is to promote environmental awareness and at the same time to present arriving guests and residents to the City of Düsseldorf with an welcoming clean environment at the train station. It was another successful day and we are incredibly proud of the commitment of our students, who among other things, are wonderful role models who are keen to demonstrate the importance of environmental awareness.