ISR St. Martin Celebration

Wednesday, 8 November 2023

Our ISR Community united on Thursday to partake in the traditional ISR St. Martin celebration with a charming Martinsumzug procession.

The path was illuminated by the lanterns that have been lovingly crafted by our families and teachers, proudly carried by our students. Everyone joined in with spirited singing of the traditional St. Martin songs, accompanied by four talented musicians. Following the procession, we returned to the school for heartwarming food and beverages, with Ms. Ghica captivating us with the tale of St. Martin. Of course, the sweet delight of the traditional Weckmänner was generously shared with all participating families, thanks to St. Martin himself who joined the celebration with his horse.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Ms. Claudia Trapp, Ms. Judith Netzer, and Ms. Severine Schmidt for ensuring the seamless execution of the event, and for making sure everyone could savor the sweet delight of a Weckmann – all our 1,000 students as well as staff members.

At ISR, we take immense pride in the way our international community embraces each other’s traditions and comes together to celebrate. These cultural events throughout the year, like our St. Martin celebration, are not just opportunities for enjoyment; they are a testament to the importance of diversity and unity within our ISR Community, where we learn, grow, and celebrate together!