ISR Robotics Camp 2022

Monday, 11 July 2022

Last week, our second successful ISR Robotics Camp took place during the summer break.

Our head of IT department at ISR, Mr. Aloof, successfully implemented the camp with the participating students and showed them the world of Virtual Reality (VR), programming and many other interesting topics of IT. The students had the opportunity to travel to different countries and worlds with the help of VR-Goggles and discover many exciting things.

In addition, the students were allowed to use our 3D printer and create so-called “ISR Coins” on the computer and then print them out. The participants found this extremely exciting! The coins and other printouts, such as a toy cat, were allowed to be taken home by the children as a Robotics Camp souvenir.

Furthermore, the knowledge of the students in the field of programming robots was expanded and they learned different programming languages to operate the robots.

In summary, the ISR Robotics Camp was a great success! The participating students could enjoy a varied program as well as dive into the world of modern technologies!

We are already looking forward to the ISR Robotics Camp in 2023!