ISR Open House 2023

Saturday, 21 October 2023

In bright sunshine this weekend, we celebrated our ISR Open House 2023 with numerous guests, ISR Cooperation Partners, our ISR Families from all three locations in Neuss, Düsseldorf, and Meerbusch, as well as many interested visitors. The hallways were filled with families and happy children proudly presenting their projects and classrooms. Our dedicated cooperation partners, who have enriched the ISR network for many years, were also on site.

Interested guests were given guided school tours by SLC students, often in their own native languages, to explore ISR’s expansive campus. In addition to numerous presentations, and demo lessons in various subjects and grade levels, families also enjoyed a Language Hallway where the various Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, French, German, and English teachers presented their lessons.

Our math teachers presented their lessons in a playful way and invited students to participate in exciting quizzes and games. Our science team and middle school students presented in the hallways the many projects and experiments they worked on during the year and invited our guests to learn more about them. Our guests were given a glimpse into the creation of various projects in our science rooms, where upper school students worked on fascinating biology projects. In addition, exciting short stories were told by our German teachers and our guests were able to admire various works of art displayed by our art department.

Our IT department once again enabled the children to dive into different worlds through virtual reality, and explore the underwater world or outer space. The use of Artificial Intelligence also played a large role in this ISR Open House, allowing families and visitors to see how we at ISR use AI in the classroom to enrich the learning experience of our students.

This year, the cafeteria was colorfully decorated in ISR colors and our dedicated ISR Parent Network, without whom events like this would not be possible, provided the children and families with delicious waffles, hot dogs, cakes, and more. Refreshing beverages were served to our guests by our in-house caterer, Broich Catering, and they also enjoyed delicious Italian specialty coffees from Coffee Bar Bacio é Amore.

There was even more action in our modern triple sports hall, where the children were welcomed by our sports team. They demonstrated their skills at many sports stations, ending the day on a successful and balanced note.

Our guests and families were welcomed and bid farewell at the end with concerts and impressive musical performances by our students, which our dedicated music team and our in-house music school, Musicbox Oxana, successfully prepared in our entrance hall.

We thank our faculty and team, our unique ISR Parent Network, and our families for making this ISR Open House event repeatedly such a special day.

A big thank you to our valued partners who were on-site:

Photos were taken by our talented photographer, Melanie Osterried.