ISR International Spring Festival – Celebrating cultural diversity and our unique community spirit

Saturday, 14 May 2022

This weekend, the weather Gods looked favorably upon our ISR International Spring Festival 2022. Over 1,000 families and guests from all over the world came together for events, music, good food from many cultures, and fun activities – and the families were finally able to meet each other and their children’s teachers again on campus.

The festival was themed: “Many cultures – one global language: Education” where we celebrated the unique international community spirit at ISR. Guests could experience numerous highlights – including ponies, sports stations of our dedicated SLO® and sports department, as well as a comprehensive stage program consisting of musical performances, theater, and a raffle for the children. In addition, visitors were able to get a comprehensive picture of various student projects in the classrooms, and children were able to experience what it means to be part of ISR through hands-on activities. Last but not least, our international “Taste of the World” buffet, which was second to none, successfully rounded off the celebration. Families came dressed in typical national clothing, proudly representing their national food.

Our ISR partners from sports, theater, arts, music, and transport were represented with booths. Many of these partners have been loyal to ISR for over a decade – and we are sure to work together for another decade going forward.

We were so thankful that we could see families and visitors coming together again campus-wide. This successful celebration was due to the great support of our dedicated ISR Parent Network, our international community, faculty, staff, and our cooperation partners.

We are looking forward to future celebrations at ISR and are especially proud to be a part of our unique ISR Family – a community unlike none other 💙💛❤️.

We sincerely thank our talented Photographer Melanie Osterried.