ISR First Grader Ceremony

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Yesterday, our First Graders celebrated a very special event and a milestone in their lives: their first day of school at ISR! In order to honour this special day, we cordially invited our families to enjoy a morning of celebration in a safe, beautifully decorated ceremony that took place on our school campus.

ISR School Director, Ms. Lyons, opened the festive ceremony with inspiring words for the young ones, followed by words of welcome from Mr. Soliman, ISR School Proprietor. Our Primary School Academic Coordinator, Ms. Morris, moderated the ceremony and invited our wonderful fifth-grader Hannan to the stage to perform the ISR School Song for those in attendance. Following her beautiful performance, all first graders were invited to come on stage to receive their traditional Schültüten – accompanied by loud applause from the audience!

With eyes beaming with pride their parents, grandparents and teachers watched the ceremony and gathered together afterwards for a reception. We are very grateful to have been part of this moving ceremony and we wish all of our students the very best for their educational career path at ISR – where it´s cool to be good!