ISR First Grade Ceremony 2023

Wednesday, 23 August 2023

Yesterday, we celebrated a significant milestone in the lives of our first-grade girls and boys – their First Grade Ceremony and thus their first official school day at ISR!

A multitude of parents, family members, and friends of the children were present to witness this special ceremony. Our Head of Primary School, Ms. Bodner, kicked off the ceremony with a speech in which she warmly welcomed the children and all attendees. She emphasized particularly how at ISR, we aim to individually nurture our students and through our structured curriculum, ignite their enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Subsequently, Ms. Bodner handed over the floor to our School Director, Ms. Lyons. She not only warmly welcomed the students but also underscored the special significance of this day. She expressed her joy about the expansion of our ISR Family and wished all the children success on their continued school journey.

After the festive opening speeches, Ms. Bodner moderated the ceremony and invited our seventh-grader, Hannan, onto the stage. Hannan proudly performed our ISR school song for all participants and children. Following her performance, all first-graders took to the stage to receive their traditional school cones for their first day. In this special moment, grandparents, parents, and siblings observed with pride and applauded together for each class. Following this memorable ceremony under bright sunshine, families gathered for a reception to conclude the morning over a cup of coffee.

We extend our gratitude to all participants for the successful ceremony and wish our students the very best on their educational journey at ISR – in line with our motto: “It’s good to be cool!”

A big thank you to our talented photographer, Melanie Osterried.