Chinese New Year Celebration

Saturday,  3 February 2024

Embracing diversity and fostering cultural appreciation lies at the heart of ISR, and this commitment was beautifully exemplified on Saturday during our Chinese New Year Celebration. Alongside numerous guests, the esteemed Chinese Consul General Du was in attendance to commemorate this traditional occasion.

The event unfolded with a captivating stage program, a true testament to the rich tapestry of Chinese culture! Traditional dances, exquisite costumes, musical performances – from singing to traditional Chinese Instruments – and the enchanting voices of two opera singers enriched the program, creating an atmosphere filled with reverence for tradition. Adding a touch of ISR’s own flair, some of our talented students also took the stage, further enriching the program with their musical performances.

The culmination of the festivities took place in the cafeteria, where the delicious aroma of Chinese cuisine filled the air. The joyous mingling of different cultures over a shared meal served to perfectly reflect the unity and harmony that ISR strives to foster.

A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes to Ms. Hofmann, the driving force behind the event and our dedicated Chinese Community Representative. Special thanks are also due to Mr. Guo (Rhein Beleuchtung), whose generosity in providing ISR with high-tech screens and technology enhanced the overall experience.

In extending our appreciation, we wish to thank all our guests and the Consulate General for graciously sharing these wonderful traditions with our international community at ISR. Such moments of cultural exchange not only enrich our understanding but also strengthen the bonds that tie us together as a global community at ISR!