ISR Alumni & Friends Friday

Friday, 22 July 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to a new project of ours – our ISR Alumni & Friends Friday. Once a month, we will introduce you to an ISR parent or alumni and their professional field.

Today, we wish to introduce you to our ambitious alumna, Mareen, who is currently studying medicine in the Netherlands. In this video, she discusses her daily study and work routine,  gives some professional advice, and provides insight into her future career plans.
Mareen mentions in this interview that it is important and helpful to have a mentor in the professional field in which you plan to work.   Our ISR Alumni & Friends Network mentoring program offers you networking possibilities with parents, partners, staff, and alumni who are glad to support you in any way. We invite you to take advantage of this unique offer to learn from our member’s professional experiences.  Please contact Mareen if you have any questions about a medical degree, the Netherlands, or other academic-related topics!