Indian Consul General visits ISR

Tuesday, 04 June 2019

Today we had the honour to welcome the Indian Consul General Mrs. Parkar for the second time to our school. During her previous visit in March, Mrs. Parkar was introduced to our parents, students and our management team. We then discussed various projects moving forward and we were given the opportunity to exhibit a photo exhibition of Mahatma Gandhi at ISR.

Since March, our students have researched Gandhi’s inspiring story and the project work in the classroom has culminated in essays and posters on the famous civil rights activist. Today our students were given the opportunity to display their creatively designed projects to Mrs. Parkar, who was thoroughly impressed by the achievement of the students.

All participating students were awarded small gifts by Mrs. Parkar as a token of her appreciation. We are very proud of our students and would like to thank the Indian Consul General for her visit and for providing our students with this wonderful opportunity.