Happy International Women’s Day

Friday, 8 March 2024

Today, we wish to celebrate women.

Women who make an impact, women who are brave, women who encourage others, and women’s rights and equality.
We are celebrating International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality around the world.
At ISR, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where every student, regardless of gender, is equally supported. Among both — students and staff — we value our strong community and are proud of the following facts and figures:

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked a special question: What do our male students and colleagues think about International Women’s Day? Who has inspired them, and what ideas do they wish to share related to the topic?

Let’s take a moment to honor the women who have paved the way for progress, fought for equality, and continue to shape a brighter future for generations to come. This day is dedicated to women and the appreciation they deserve.

Happy International Women’s Day, ISR Community!