First Day of School at ISR

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Today, we warmly welcomed all ISR First Graders to their first day of school! Students and their parents arrived on campus early for a photo session and the annual “Schultüte” ceremony where each child received a traditional school cone. Some children additionally brought their own very colorfully decorated school cones from home, a special tradition unique to Germany.

The Schultüte helps mark the special moment when a child leaves Kindergarten to go on to primary school to begin their official academic career. Parents fill the colorful cones with treats, school supplies, and small gifts and give them to their children the day they become first-graders. ISR is proud to keep this fun and inspiring tradition live for every ISR student.

We wish all our first graders all the best for their first year of school and welcome all students and parents (back) to our community!