End of Grade 4 Celebration

Friday, 23 June 2023

More than 100 families gathered to celebrate a truly special moment for our nearly 100 students: their last day of ISR Primary School. The atmosphere was filled with festivity as Ms. Bodner, the Head of the Primary School, opened the ceremony by welcoming families, siblings, teachers, and staff. Continuing the program, Ms. Ghica, Academic Head of grades three and four, took the stage and shared heartfelt memories with all the esteemed guests in attendance.

Following that, the class teachers of grade four, accompanied by a select group of students, stepped forward to share beautiful memories of their time together. After the inspiring words, all the guests came together to enjoy delicious canapés and refreshing beverages, creating a delightful conclusion to the last day of school.

We extend our sincerest wishes to our nearly 100 former fourth graders as a new and exciting chapter lies ahead. We know for sure that they will thrive in our ISR Middle School and will exemplify the spirit of our motto, “It’s cool to be good.”