DFB-Paule-Schnupperabzeichen at ISR

Monday, 18 November 2019

DFB-Paule-Schnupperabzeichen at ISR

Around 80 students and 17 kindergarten children from ISR as well as some students from neighboring schools completed the DFB-Paule-Schnupperabzeichen at ISR last Friday. ISR, in cooperation with the DFB, has been organizing the Paule-Schnupperabzeichen for interested students from the region for four years now.

To receive this coveted certificate, students had to prove their football dexterity in the following three tests; dribbling, passing the ball and scoring. Parents could watch, cheer and support their children from the gallery of the sports hall.

All of the participants showed great skill and motivation during the test, and they all received their DFB certificates. Upon receiving the certificates, our proud soccer players had photos taken in front of the photo wall to memorialize their extraordinary achievement.

Many thanks to our football trainer and Head of Sports Department, Mr Karsten Baumann, our entire sports department and our cooperating partner PSV (Polizeisportverein Neuss 1961 e. V. ), who jointly managed the sports stations we had through out the sports hall. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all participants once again on their successful training.

We are looking forward to the DFB-Paule-Schnupperabzeichen 2020!