Chinese Consul General Du visited ISR

Friday, 15 December 2023

Today, we were delighted to welcome, once again, Chinese Consul General Du to ISR!

After a warm welcome by our students, our Management Team, and our Chinese Community at ISR, everyone gathered in our Conference Room for a delightful breakfast!

Consul Du expressed, “To me, ISR stands as a cornerstone in fostering stable and positive relations. More than 100 Chinese families entrusting their children to ISR serve as a crucial multiplier to enhance exchanges between different nationalities.”

The visit reinforced the strong partnership between ISR and the Chinese Consulate General, highlighting the school’s significant role in fostering international understanding and collaboration.

We wish to thank our Chinese Community at ISR, Ms. Hofmann, our Chinese Community Representative, for organizing the event, as well as the Chinese Consul General Mr. Du for this special morning at ISR!