Another Successful Career Talk at ISR

Monday, 2 May 2022

Last Friday, another successful Career Talk took place at ISR. Two employees of the international auditing company Ernst & Young, which is represented in over 150 countries, visited us. Mr. Stojanovic, former dual student of EY and current assistant, as well as Mr. Brookshaw, Senior Manager, held an exciting lecture in front of our 11th graders, during which our students got an insight into the company and its diverse fields of activity, as well as, into the daily work of an auditor and the application process.  The Career Talk was very interactive as our students clearly showed their great interest and asked many varied questions.

Mr. Stojanovic and Mr. Brookshaw talked about their service lines, the difference in auditing small and large companies, and the impact of COVID-19 on EY. Furthermore, they explained the benefits that come with working in an international company, such as valuing cultural diversity. “We love to be as colorful as we could be,” Mr. Brookshaw emphasized. Another important part of EY is the individual development of its “talents”, as well as, the conscious promotion of women in management positions. Special programs are in place to help them develop their own careers. Currently, 44% of EY’s employees are female and as Mr. Brookshaw emphasized at this point “it is extremely important to hire and promote female leaders”. During the Career Talk, it quickly became clear that EY offers every one of its employees the opportunity to pursue a successful career on a level playing field. The Career Talk was a great success and the interest of our students was so great that Mr. Brookshaw and Mr. Stojanovic took the time afterwards to have individual conversations with our students and answer open questions. We are already looking forward to discussing further cooperation opportunities with EY in the future, where our students will have the opportunity to get to know the company better.

We would like to thank Mr. Brookshawn and Mr. Stojanovic for their exciting visit and their time!