Graduates‘ Excellent IB Diploma Program results confirm ISR Neuss’ status as one of the leading international private schools in Germany

Monday,11 July 2022

Impressive results with 37 points in the IB / Three students earning 44 out of a possible 45 points / 14 different nationalities represented/ 18 percent of graduates earning top grades – comparable to an Abitur grade of 1.0 / Numerous prestigious university offers spread over four continents / About one in three graduates pursuing STEM programs at University

The Graduates of ISR International School on the Rhine in Neuss and Düsseldorf achieved an average of 37 points in their International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) this year, despite facing a challenging period in the upper school due to the ongoing pandemic. This corresponds to an equivalent A-level grade of 1.8. The graduates, who represent 14 different nations, will now study at renowned universities spanning four continents around the world.

“These very good final grades are proof not only of a special desire to learn, but also of the constant support and encouragement given to the students. Despite many challenges, such as online classes due to the pandemic, our graduates passed their various exams with flying colors,” Emil Cete, Deputy School Director, Head of Upper School and responsible for IB preparation, is pleased to say: “In addition to the outstanding achievements of our graduates, one must never forget here that our teachers, our University and Career

Counseling Team (UCC), staff members and, of course, parents have made an important contribution to this success.” With these results, ISR confirms its status as one of the leading international IB schools in Germany. “Targeted support, as well as the aspiration to enable students to find their way to the university of their choice, is essential here,” emphasizes Peter Soliman, School Proprietor. “It takes a village to raise a child. We at ISR emphasize this proverb time and again. It makes us all the more proud that everyone’s efforts have contributed to these outstanding results.”

The grade point average of 37 points for this year’s graduating class is composed of outstanding results from all of our individual graduates this year. For example, 31 percent of the class scored at least 40 out of a possible 45 points. This is comparable to an average grade of 1.3 or better in the Abitur, and is normally only achieved by around three percent of IB graduates worldwide. In addition, 17 percent of the students in this year’s ISR graduating class were able to pass their exams with an outstanding IB grade, which is equivalent to a German Abitur grade of 1.0. This outstanding result was achieved for the second year in a row. Three students in the class even achieved 44 out of a possible 45 points – the highest rate ever in ISR’s history.

“Not only has this cohort demonstrated remarkable performance and resilience during the pandemic, but ISR graduates have also shown exceptional dedication and determination to achieve their ambitious goals. Our graduates richly deserve their excellent results. I wholeheartedly congratulate all of them and would also like to express my appreciation to their teachers and their University and Career Counselors, who have mentored, supported, and encouraged our students in every possible way during their time at school,” emphasizes Eileen Lyons, School Director at ISR.

On average, each of our graduates already have three offers of placement at prestigious universities around the world, with application processes still underway in countries such as Germany and Austria. Graduates will move onto a total of four continents for their studies after graduation. “Again, the international nature of this year’s graduating class is evident. Many will now travel to Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, or a wide variety of European countries. They are all united by their common path and their international understanding. Many of them have attended ISR since kindergarten – an exceptionally long length of stay for an international school,” emphasizes Peter Soliman.

According to their current plans, most graduates will study in Germany and the Netherlands. However, Great Britain and the USA are also once again enjoying great popularity. Other study destinations include renowned universities in Switzerland, France, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Acceptances were received from the University of Michigan, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, University of Miami, ETH Zurich, ESADE Business School in Spain, Imperial College London, Southampton, King’s College London, and many other UK universities belonging to the renowned UK Russell Group, known for first-class research and teaching. In the Netherlands, for example, there were offers from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, TU Eindhoven, and Leiden and Utrecht. In Asia, the graduating class recorded impressive offers of places from Tokyo University, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) as well as HKUST Business School in Hong Kong.

According to Mr. Cete, “The reputation of ISR’s graduates is outstanding so that each year the students can boast a remarkable selection of university place offers. In addition to top academic performance, what counts here is positive character development, which we specifically promote at ISR.” Another special feature of this graduating class confirms its internationality: 67 percent completed an IB Bilingual Diploma with two languages at the native level. The IB Bilingual Diploma is highly recognized internationally and valued by universities as well as employers. This represents a further 2 percent increase from the previous year.

“Essential in the Upper School at ISR is the University and Career Counseling program we provide to students from the end of 8th grade. Three of our full-time staff members are dedicated to providing comprehensive counseling on which colleges fit young people’s preferences, abilities, and career plans,” adds Peter Soliman. The entire application process is closely monitored at ISR, and young people’s strengths and preferences are worked out early and specifically. Ulrike Wacker, Head of Student and Career Counseling at ISR, emphasizes: “It is important for us to get to know the young students very well and to accompany them during their time at ISR. The most wonderful reward of this very intimate counseling process is when students are able to realize their dreams and continue their academic careers at the university of their choice. That’s what we work for with full commitment.”

ISR International School on the Rhine GmbH, based in Neuss, is a privately run international all-day school. More than 1,000 students from the region and around the world prepare together for internationally recognized school- leaving qualifications. Academic excellence and character building are at the heart of the education, qualifying students for study at leading universities in Germany and around the world. For younger children, ISR offers an international kindergarten on the ISR campus in Neuss, in Düsseldorf-Niederkassel, and a German-language branch in Meerbusch-Büderich. Inquiries about kindergarten, primary school and secondary school are accepted year-round:
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