Ausblick in die Zukunft des Ericsson Geschäftsführers

Freitag, 06. September 2019

5G New Use Cases by Ericsson GmbH

Today, we were honored to welcome Mr. Stefan Koetz (Head of Customer Unit West Europe & Global Customer Unit Deutsche Telekom at Ericsson GmbH) accompanied by his colleague to ISR. Mr. Koetz visited our students and held a thought-provoking presentation on technological advancements made in this modern world, especially in the communications industry.

He brought with him old telephones that were used in the past and some of our students could hardly believe their eyes! They were amazed that people actually used to make phone calls using these „relics“. Besides looking back into the past, Mr. Koetz gave the students a glimpse into the future by demonstrating the uses of the fifth generation mobiles.

At ISR, it is hugely important for us to invite interesting speakers from many different areas on a regular basis. These speakers inspire our students as they can learn a lot of interesting facts for their future from them. Therefore, we would like to thank Mr. Koetz for his time and his informative presentation today.