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Welcome Students!

We know you want to go to a “cool” school where

  • Learning is fun
  • Teachers are friendly and helpful
  • It is interesting to learn in a bilingual/multilingual school environment
  • And there are lots of interesting activities, sports teams, music concerts, art classes and even opportunities to become a leader

You are at the right place! If you are new to Germany, Neuss or ISR, don’t worry! We’ll make you and your family feel welcome and soon ISR will be like a second home! We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Your SLO® Outreach Prefects and ID Welcome Committee

See what students like the best

From a German Student’s Perspective (in German)




2016 06 primary summer concert 01


2016 10 29 open house 02

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For a personal tour and/or trial day:

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  • +49 (0)2131 40388-11 (admissions)
  • +49 (0)2131 40388-15 (admissions)
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