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Sport Results 2017

International Schools Match

Thursday 21st September

Boys U14 football:
ISR vs St Georges Duisburg 7:2

Kreisschulsport championships

Wednesday 27th September

Football 2004 – 2006:
ISR vs Realschule Osterath: 1:2
ISR vs Gesamtschule Dormagen: 8:0
ISR vs Gesamtschule Jüchen: 0:1
ISR vs Norbert-Gymnasium Dormagen: 1:0

Final result: ISR School 5th out of 12

Kreisschulsport championships

Thursday 28th September

Tennis 2003 – 2006:
Team Pierre, Alexander, George, Marc and Johannes

Final result: ISR 2nd Place

Kreisschulsport championships

Wednesday 4th October

Tennis 2001 – 2004:
Team Julia, Julia, Kiana and Altina: In a thrilling match against the sport school Norbert-Gymnasium/Dormagen, our ISR Girls Tennis team won the school area championships. Our Number 1 seeded player, Julia, won 6:2/4:1. Julia K defeated her opponent with 6:4/6:1. Kiana won 6:3/6:3. Altina played 4:6/2:6. Congratulations!

Final result: ISR school Championship winners 1st Place

Kreisschulsport championships

Thursday 12th October

Football 2002 – 2004:
Team Maximilian, Matthew, Jonathan Reisgen, Sascha, Malik, Ibrahim, Tilman, Alexander, Tom, Noah, Nima, Cenk, Taylan, Gleb

First Round:
Game 1: ISR – Realschule Kaarst 3:1
Game 2: ISR – Realschule Osterath 1:0

Game 3: ISR – Gymnasium Jüchen 0:1
Game 4: ISR – Albert-Einstein Gymnasium Kaarst 1:4

Goal Statistics: Noah 3, Tilman 1, Tom 1

After 2 convincing wins in the first round, our team lost a very unfortunate match against Gymnasium Jüchen in the first playoff match. The Albert-Einstein Gymnasium Kaarst proved to be the best Team in the competition and won the tournament. All in all, our 3rd place out of 10 competing teams is a great result! Well done Boys!

Final result: ISR 3rd Place out of 11

Neuss Schools Cross-Country Running Championships

Saturday, 7th October

Distances: 400m, 600m, 1000m


  • Ruben: 1st in U10 M9
  • Ben: 1st U12 M10
  • Merlin: 1st U12 M11
  • Richard: 2nd U12 M11
  • Karim: 3rd U14 M12
  • Luci: 4th U12 W10
  • Emily: 4th U8 W6 and younger
  • Alessandro: 5th U12 M10
  • Rosa: 5th U12 W10
  • Yuto: 5th U8 M6 and younger
  • Mattia: 6th U8 M6 and younger
  • Mats: 6th U10 M9
  • Jules: 6th U12 M10
  • Raicky: 7th U8 M6 and younger
  • Amanda: 7th U8 W6 and younger
  • Michael: 7th U8 M7
  • Leonard: 9th U12 M10
  • George: 9th U8 M6 and younge
  • Hannah: 12th U8 W7
  • Aris: 13th U8 M7
  • Taisiya: 14th U8 W6 and younger
  • Ruolang: 17th U8 M7
  • Maia: 18th U8 W6 and younger
  • Yuchen: 20th U10 W8
  • Ziteng: 20th U8 M6 and younger
  • Yukai: 21st U8 M6 and younger
  • Ayaha: 21st U10 W8Ren 21st U8 W7
  • Raffael: 22nd U10 M9
  • Jakob: 23rd U8 M6 and younger
  • Guan Li: 24th U10 M9
  • Jiaxi: 29th U8 M6 and younger
  • Kevin: 30th U8 M6 and younger
  • Akansh: 33rd U8 M6 and younger
  • Aishi: 36th U8 W6 and younger
  • Zi Ye: 37th U8 M6 and younger
  • Chengrui: 38th U8 M6 and younger
  • Lukas Han: 39th U10 M9
  • Roger: 40th U10 M9
  • Jack Simpson: 42nd U8 M6 and younger

International Schools Match

Thursday 26th October

Boys U14 football:
ISR vs St Georges Cologne 11:1

International Schools Match

Wednesday 8th November

Boys U12 football:
ISR vs St Georges Cologne 4:5

On Thursday 8th November, ISR U12 boy’s football team played St George’s Cologne in what was a thoroughly entertaining game. Both sides putting in 100 percent effort to try and win the game. Despite controlling the majority of the game a few unlucky situations gifted St. George’s victory 5:4. ISR lead 1:0 at half time and then gifted two goals to the opposition. What impressed me the most was the spirit and character ISR showed after giving away three quick goals. They fought back well and played some of the best football in the match. It was a great performance especially considering some of our players were 2 years younger. It was a good lose and the players got a lot from the match.  The team is already looking forward to the return leg at ISR. U12 team: Magnus, Eric, Zile, Kim, Gordey, Karim, Eoito, Sergio, Lennox, Joh, Nikan, Nicco. Well done boys!!

International Schools Matches

Friday 10th November

ISR hosted 2 Volleyball Matches:
Our U16 girls and boys played vs St Georges Duisburg varsity teams. The final result ISR Girls - St Georges D Girls  0:3. The girls started pretty well but lost the first set (25:14). The second set ISR Girls show some characters and fought hard for every point. They were unlikely in this set to loose 28:26. The last set was also a tight contest but again the girls lost (25:21). It was a very good experience to ISR Team playing more experienced players which hopefully should be good preparation for their NRW volleyball tournament in December, 2017. The boys also lost sets 3:0. Again it was a tightly contested, 15:25, 23:25 and 11:15. The second set was like watching the professionals. Some of the rallies were incredible with diving blocking and spikes.

NEUSS-ERFTLAUF running event

Saturday 18th November

ISR came out as #1!!!

Here some of our successes:

  • Ms Lordeman ran her first ever 5K and totally rocked it! Amazing!
  • ISR had a total of 21 kids in the BAMBINI race over 400m!
  • ISR won a trophy for the Neuss school with the highest number of runners (Teilnehmerstärkste Schule)!
  • ISR then also won the prize the fastest Neuss School for the combined results of our 10 fastest runners (schnellste Neusser Schule)!
  • Ben Odenthal came out 1st in his race for U12 boys/girls, beating an ex-student of ours, Benedict Dressler by 12 seconds!
  • Merlin Reinartz was 3rd overall in the same race for U12 Several other boys and girls ran in the U10 and U12 races and had a blast!
  • To finish I ran and won the 15K race