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About ISR’s Physical Education Program


Sports Facilities

Here at ISR, we are blessed with a wide range of fantastic sports facilities, meaning we are able to compete with, if not surpass, many other international schools in North Rhine Westphalia and in Germany. Having these facilities directly at our disposal, allows our students to practice and develop their skills in a variety of different activities and it also allows us to host a number of large-scale international sports events.

sports-hall 5sports hall volleyball 2017

Our purpose built, state-of-the-art sports hall facility is fully equipped to be able to accommodate up to three physical education classes taking part simultaneously through the use of electronic dividing curtains, maximising the space available. Our sports hall is fully equipped and with the appropriate floor markings for the following activities:

  • Badminton (6 indoor courts)
  • Basketball (4 indoor courts)
  • Handball (1 indoor court)
  • Indoor Football / Futsal (1 indoor field)
  • Indoor Hockey (1 indoor court)
  • Volleyball (4 indoor courts)

football team1 2017football team2 2017

Another one of the many attractive features that our sports hall offers, is the indoor climbing wall. This climbing wall has both an easier climbing area and a more challenging area to climb for our more expert climbers! A number of our physical education teachers are adequately trained and offer indoor climbing as Student Life activity.

On a similar note, during the academic year 2012-13, ISR was the benefactor of a Grand Master School Trampoline, which was a very kind sponsor from the Sparkasse Neuss. Since receiving the trampoline, our students have been practicing their skills and techniques, displaying twists and turns that put our physical education teachers to shame!

Through an ongoing cooperation between the city of Neuss and ISR, students have the privilege to use the local outdoor sports facilities during the school day for PE lessons, including a grass football field, a cinder football field, a cinder running track, long jump/triple jump sandpit, in addition to the use of specialized running, jumping and throwing athletics equipment.

Physical Education Lessons

Here at ISR, each child receives 2 back-to-back physical education lessons per week. Our students are privileged to receive instruction and be taught by three very skilled and highly knowledgeable PE teachers.

This means that students have a total of 90 minutes in which to take part in a wide variety of sports activities and to release the stresses and tension from the hustle and bustle of their daily academic schedule.

football team 2017football training 2017

Over the course of one academic year, students are taught in a wide variety of sporting activities, each block or sport typically lasting between 4 to 6 weeks. This has been carefully planned and thought out so that students can focus on one sport for a number of weeks and aim to develop their skills and techniques, before moving onto the next activity.

Students are given their PE schedules at the beginning of every term, in which to fix into their homework journals, so that students and parents can see on exactly which date what sport will be taking place and which kind of clothing is required.

School Holiday Programs

During the school holidays, ISR, in cooperation with David Blackall and his outdoor educational program “The Shackleton Way”, offers students the chance to take part in some adventurous and exciting trips, both in Germany and other countries. These trips are tailor made for ISR and are for all students from grades 5-12 to take part in.

  • October Fall Break – Expedition to the Eifel
  • December and January Christmas Break – Ski Tour in the Alps
  • February Winter Break – Ski and Snowboard Camp
  • July Summer Break – ISR Sports Camp (not from “The Shackleton Way”)

Cooperation with the Neighbouring Sports Club

The PSV Neuss 1961 e. V. is a sports club, which is located directly opposite ISR on the district sports facility Stadtwald. Sporting disciplines such as Football, Athletics, Ju Jutsu, Triple Alpha Combat, Self-Assertion and Boule, are available to interested students of ISR. The training is done by professional trainers, some of whom competed in high-stake competitions! Teachers and parents of ISR are welcome to join in and train at the sports club.

There are close bonds with the traditional sports club, which will be expanded in the coming years. Mr. Peter Soliman, CEO of ISR, is the 2nd Chairman of PSV Neuss. More information about the respective disciplines, contributions, training times or a possible registration can be found on Further information is available from Jonas Jochem, Sports Coordinator at ISR (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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