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Prefect Positions

The SABIS Student Life Organization® is a student based organization for all ISR students. Guided by the Student Life Coordinator (SLC) and Activities Coordinator, the students help organize the Academic/non-academic sessions and events throughout the school.

We are based in the spacious SLO® office, where these everyday activities are planned, coordinated and supervised.

The SABIS Student Life Organization® follows the structure of a modern day firm with several sub departments lead by a deputy head prefect. Each department is responsible for a specific area of school life. Students can apply for positions in these departments starting in grade 5.

SLO® at ISR permeates all areas of school life, starting in the classroom. For example, in each homeroom there is a subject prefect and group leader who provide immediate help to their classmates. After a teacher has presented a concept and an accompanying exercise, these Prefects check the work of students in their groups and assist the teacher in locating and filling learning gaps.

The following prefect positions are available:

Junior Prefect: Open to students in Grades 5–6

We introduce the students to the concept of the SABIS Student Life Organization® and to the tasks that are completed in the SLO® office. They are taught how to use our computer system to keep track of whether or not students are attending their activities. Students may join 1 of the 8 departments and some of their tasks will be specified according to the needs of this department.

Senior Prefect: Open to students in Grades 7–12

The training that was started in the junior prefect stage continues but the students will become more involved in the specific department they chose by joining weekly meetings and take on the responsibility to complete tasks in order to keep the department running. For example, in the Sports & Health Department the senior prefects carry out monthly inventories to check up on the equipment in the P.E. hall.

Deputy Head Prefect: Open to students in Grades 7–12

The deputy head prefect is the leader of the department. He/she organizes the weekly meetings with the senior prefects and takes care that the department is on track. Every week the deputy head prefect meets with the Student Life Coordinator to discuss the progress of that department and the tasks that have to be completed.

Head Prefect: Open to Secondary School students

This student is not engaged in one of the 8 departments. He/she leads the deputy head meetings which take place twice a week when the upcoming events and tasks are discussed and assigned to the various departments. The head prefect guides the deputy heads if they have any questions or need assistance and the head prefect can also act as a mediator if any issues occur.

Prefects work in the following SLO® departments:

  • Academic Department
  • Discipline Department
  • Management Department
  • Sports Department
  • Activities Department
  • Outreach Department
  • Lower School Department
  • Social Responsibilities

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SLO® Prefects

Here are some examples of what prefects do and areas in which they work:

  • Peer Tutoring
  • Class Academics
  • Shadow Teacher
  • Academic Event Planning
  • Academic Support
  • Class Discipline
  • Indoor/Outdoor Discipline
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Peer Mediation
  • Data Management
  • School Management
  • Training
  • Sport Events
  • Sport Equipment
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Ambassadors for new Students
  • Recruitment
  • Event Planning
  • Social Initiatives
  • Green Initiatives
  • Local Community Service
  • Global Community service