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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Welcome to the SABIS Student Life Organization®, otherwise known as SLO®!

SLO® is ISR students’ society. SLO® is a distinctive and integral part of ISR because it gives students the opportunity to develop “life” skills that empower them to make a substantial commitment, not only to their own personal development, but also to that of our community.

We welcome ALL students! It is fun to be part of SLO® and make a difference!

SLO® empowers students to

  1. contribute to the management of our school
  2. make a positive difference around them
  3. become more vested in shaping their school experience
  4. set higher expectations for themselves
  5. act as role models for others
  6. spread a spirit of achievement
  7. work with their peers to raise standards
  8. create an atmosphere of respect and care
  9. promote high social and moral values
  10. encourage participation in a wide range of activities

The specifics of the SLO® program are implemented through a prefect system.

Prefects are students who are carefully selected – not elected – and manage SLO® departments. All students are encouraged to join in Student Life and to take an active part in their education, both academic and non-academic.

SLO® also organizes ISR’s weekly activity schedule. We currently offer around 150 activities including sports, arts and crafts, ballet and dance, drama, band, choir, private music lessons, yoga and much more.

Involvement in all aspects of life at ISR helps students acquire and refine skills, attitudes and attributes that give them an advantage in college and beyond.

Being part of SLO® means having fun, learning and growing! Join today!

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