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ISR Summer School

The ISR Summer School offers students from kindergarten (from 3 years) to 8th grade the opportunity to participate in something unique and exciting! Our Summer School students will be learning in a fun yet stimulating environment, with lots of games that improve their academic skills during the summer holidays. All classes are taught by native speaking teachers giving your child a great platform to improve their English or German. All language levels are welcome.

The contents of the lessons are adapted to suit the different age groups and age-appropriate workshops and leisure activities are offered. Each week, we offer a different program so that the fun factor is not lost and so that the children can enjoy a varied holiday experience. Every afternoon there will be lots of activities and workshops on campus. Wednesdays are ISR day out which means we are off on a field trip!

ISR Summer School 2020

Application form 2020

In 2020, the ISR Summer School will run from 29 June – 24 July. You may register for one, two, three, or all four weeks. You also have a choice between a half-day or full-day program.

  • Half-Day Program: 09:00–12:30
  • Full-Day Program: 09:00–16:00
  • Academic classes taught each morning in the subjects of English, German and Mathematics along with science projects
  • Qualified teachers
  • Games, field trips, and age appropriate activities each afternoon
  • Additional supervision available starting at 8:00
  • Upon request, transportation available
  • Warm meals are freshly prepared on location by Broich Premium Catering

Daily Program


Students attending Summer School receive academic instruction taught in the following subject areas:

  • English: Lessons offered to accomodate the needs of every student.  Whether your student has strong  English language skills, or is brand new to the language. Our qualified, native English-speaking teachers will provide them with the support they need.
  • Mathematics: Our mathematics progran aims to develop numerical understanding and logical thinking skills in a highly engaging and interesting way.
  • Science: We offer interesting, exciting, and interactive science lessons daily. Students will learn through their hands-on involvement in a variety of teacher guided experiements.
  • German: Qualified native German-speaking teachers will introduce new language skills fitted to each student’s  individual needs.

Lunchtime in the ISR Cafeteria, with warm meals offered by Broich Premium Catering.


Full-day students attending Summer School at ISR can select from a wide selection of activities in the afternoon. Every participant will experience age appropriate class material, workshops, and free time activities. The program will follow shortly.

Wednesdays are Field Trip Days

Every Wednesday, full-day students on full-day are taken off school campus for a special treat and visit some of the most interesting and fun places that the local area has to offer.

Pictures from ISR Summer School 2019