Welcome to ISR’s Activity Program!

SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) offers an extensive, diverse and fun activity program!

Many of our activities are studentled. We encourage students from grade 6 onwards to lead activities for their peers or for students of younger age groups in order to

  • Develop leadership, organizational skills and emotional intelligence
  • Teach real-life skills and real-life jobs, helping students become productive members of society
  • Teach students how to work with other people
  • Rely on students to help create a positive school environment
  • Teach students to take risks and to learn valuable lessons from mistakes
  • Enhance students’ social skills
  • Enrich students’ lives by encouraging them to celebrate diversity

We encourage our students to run a worthwhile activity for their fellow students, the more spirit our students are putting into student life, the more they will benefit from it and enjoy.

Students in kindergarten through grade 4 may take part in activities during period 9, which is the last period of the day. From grade 5, daily participation in an activity is mandatory. Students in grades 7 to 9 take part in activities during period 6.

Over 80 Fun Activities!

This school year, more than 80 different activities were offered by students, teachers, parents and outside instructors, such as

  • First Aid Education
  • Taek Won Do
  • Japanese Story Time
  • Fencing
  • Indoor Tennis
  • Creative Writing
  • Brain Energizing
  • Arabic
  • Comic Drawing
  • Junior String Orchestra
  • Traffic Education
  • Life Kinetik
  • And many more…

We are particularly impressed by the number of grade 5 and 6 students who already offer different activities for our younger students, such as KG Story Time, Hip Hop Mix, Creative Artists and Fun Learning. By planning and leading an activity for their peers, these students gain valuable real-life experience, learn leadership skills and how to plan a long term project.

Training sessions

Training sessions for activity leaders are organized by the SLO® deputy head of activities and the senior prefects at the beginning of each term. All SLO® activity leaders come together and gather information about activity leader traits, leadership skills and how to lead a successful activity.  Other topics discussed are the setting of common goal and working towards achieving these.

SABIS Student Life Organization SLO® would like to thank all student activity leaders, teachers, parents and outside instructors for their effort and contribution in order to make the SLO® activity program such a great success. We will continue to work on improving our elaborate activities programme here at ISR, always open for new suggestions and ideas and willing to adapt all the community’s needs at ISR.

Ms. Becker

SABIS® SLO® Activities Coordinator

Ms. Becker

Ms. Becker

SABIS® SLO® Activities Coordinator