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Welcome to the ISR Art Department!

My name is Ms. Henebry and am passionate about printmaking, sculpture (sculptural painting), foreign languages and snowboarding. At ISR I teach printmaking in various forms, including lino cut, cardboard, photo etching, dry point etching on Perspex, mono print, and collograph.

The ISR Art curriculum exposes students to a wide variety of artistic genres, encouraging them to develop self-expression. Skills are taught in a cyclical basis in drawing/painting, 3D, graphic art and printmaking. Photography and stop-motion animation are also explored. Projects include elements of art history and art appreciation.

Art Curriculum


Art classes in Kindergarten & Primary School are held several times a week and art projects are integrated into other subjects. Their creative pieces are proudly displayed in homerooms and hallways.

Grades 1–4

Grades 1–4 have Art twice per week and create art projects in their classrooms, which relate to the themes they learn about in other subjects.

art-primary 1First Graders’ Art Display in ISR Corridorsart-primary 2Thanksgiving Art Display

Grades 5–8

Grades 5–8 work with a variety of mediums in their weekly art classes.

art-grades5-8 02art-grades5-8 04art-grades5-8 07

Grade 9

Grade 9 offers Art twice per week and provides an introduction to art and design through a range of group and individual work projects.

  • Click to enlarge image Jonas_Franssen_and_Saud_Adam_Grade_9.jpg Grade 9 art class
  • Click to enlarge image keith-haring-mural_1.jpg Grade 9 mural exploring Keith Haring & Music
  • Click to enlarge image keith-haring-mural_2.jpg Grade 9 mural exploring Keith Haring & Music
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Grade 10

Grade 10 students are prepared for the rigorous IB Visual Arts course in three classes per week. They are encouraged to take on a more mature and independent approach – working in their sketchbook, researching and developing their ideas, and eventually, discovering their own individual themes.

two-level-mural 1Grade 10 two-level mural exploring...two-level-mural 2...melding their own skylines

Grades 11–12

Grade 11 & 12 students study IB Visual Art, a rigorous two-year program preparing them for university. Past ISR art students have gone on to study Art in Japan and interior architecture in Boston.

stop-motionGrade 12 Stop Motion Animation

In Grade 11 and 12, IB years 1 and 2 respectively, the High Level (HL) courses are 5 times per week, while Standard Level (SL) classes are 3 times per week.

Ms. Henebry

Head of Art Department

Ms. Henebry

Ms. Henebry

Head of Art Department