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Involvement and Leadership

Getting involved in secondary school is fun and helps students develop socially and emotionally. At ISR there are many ways students can be involved with their school, sports and academics.

Student Life (SLO®) Activities

  • SLO® activities take place in period 6 for grades 7–9 and throughout the school day for students in grades 10–12.
  • The activities start in the 3rd week of every term.
  • Student involvement in the SLO® activities prepares the students well for CAS which is part of the IB Diploma Program in grades 11 and 12.  

In addition to SLO® activities, Prefect, Senior and Deputy Head Prefect positions, secondary school students may also be part of the ISR sport teams.


All students have the opportunity to become an SLO® Prefect. In addition, students may apply for the positions of

  • SLO® Junior Prefect (grade 5 and above)
  • SLO® Senior Prefect (grade 7 and above)
  • SLO® Deputy Head Prefect (grade 9 and above)


The SLO® department organizes many events throughout the year, such as the Penny Race, winter dance, school festivals and Spirit Days.

CAS Projects

IB students in the 11th and 12th grades have a wonderful opportunity to design their own CAS projects, which cover the areas of creativity, activity and service as required for the IB program.

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