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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Welcome to ISR – It is cool to be good!

Enabling Great Minds and Strong Characters

"It is cool to excel summarizes the ethos of ISR. Whether it is in academia, sports, or music, giving your best, while still being humble is something we try to instil in every student”

Eileen Lyons, School Director

ISR is a privately financed, non-profit school with a full-day academic program in the Düsseldorf region. It is a preeminent college prep school, whose students get accepted into top universities around the world.

  • Our students have ranked amongst the top 5 IB average grades across Germany.
  • ISR offers an excellent international education with a holistic concept from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
  • 99% of the graduates leave with an IB Diploma and an internationally accredited High School Degree.
  • Set on a 110.000 square meters of greenery, ISR is home to more than 800 students stemming from 41 nationalities. The staff to pupil ratio is one to five.

Our academic excellence rests on 3 pillars

1. Teachers

ISR recruits top teachers and invests heavily on their training and in developing the teachers. The underlying belief is that teachers should have an emotional rapport to a student - and not just a book one. Teachers are instrumental in bringing text material to life and in motivating students. To do so requires the best of teachers.

2. Structured Teaching

We view the curriculum as a supporting mechanism used to help structure teaching. ISR deploys IB in Grades 11/12, IGCSE in Grades 9/10, and SABIS® across the school. ISR measures learning outcome frequently and thus avoids gaps from emerging – and if the gaps do emerge they are closed quickly through tutoring.

3. Parents

ISR believes in working in close partnership with the parents. The fact that the average student remains at ISR on average for almost 8 years, allows a close cooperation between academic staff and parents. Parents also receive real time data on their child’s progress through an online tool called “Webschool”.

Preparing Students for Life

ISR prides itself on preparing the students for their future path. Three full time staff members counsel students on career options and corresponding course selections. Parents are deeply involved in this process. ISR strongly believes in internships as one of the best ways for students to get a real feel for career options.

The students learn organizational and leadership skills as part of their experience in the “Student Life Organization”. SLO® provides a platform for roughly 100 students to organize school processes and lead this with their respective teams. This fosters organizational and leadership skills in the ISR students.

55% of last year’s graduating class started at ISR in Kindergarten and graduated 12 years later, hence, there is  tremendous importance of instilling such values that are essential for life. The leadership team deeply believes in: respecting the performance of others, understanding and respecting different cultures, honesty, integrity, responsibility, sincerity, and the value of logical thinking mixed with a touch of “gut feel“- trusting your instincts.

Lastly, ISR offers state of the art infrastructure. The spacious, colourful building is 10 years old and has classrooms and study areas that all have interactive whiteboards. Several well equipped science labs, IT-Labs with access to a 3D printer, as well as a Virtual Reality area and a fitness centre are all  available to the students.

“We are a five star service provider, but we expect our students to work hard, engage, and simply do their best”

Peter Soliman, Owner

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