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The Year Without Summer: ISR@Schumannfest Düsseldorf

ISR’s performance at the Schumannfest was definitely worth the wait. All three tours were booked out. After an opening statement from Michael Becker, director of Tonhalle Düsseldorf, Eileen Lyons, school director of ISR, and Peter Soliman, owner of ISR, the melancholy mood was set by one of our bands that sung a song about the Year Without Summer.

The tour group was then lead into an old tapestry room in the Benrath Palace where they were witness to a dramatization of the volcanic eruption in 1815. An eerie tone came from behind the volcano from the grade 7 Gamelan Orchestra. The audience continued their journey through the courtyard where the actors demonstrated the hopelessness the people felt with a short act. Afterwards, guests could take their time to walk through the creative exhibition that was prepared by students across different grades and classes. Gothic movies, The Abandoned Kitchen, and so much more could be explored. To wrap up the tour, everyone was invited into the chapel to end their journey on a high note with music about hope.

To say that this experience was amazing would do it injustice. So much time and work was invested by our students, their parents, teachers, and staff and the results were spectacular. We are so glad to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so special and are extremely proud of how our students excelled today. Thank you again to everyone involved!