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Mr. Thoren from Augenhilfe Afrika e.V. visited ISR

Yesterday Mr. Franz Thoren visited ISR to talk to our Grade 8 students about the Organization, Augenhilfe Afrika e.V., which supports Cameroonian ophthalmologists Dr. Raoul Cheuteu and Dr. Giles Kagmeni. Through donations and subsidies, Augenhilfe Afrika e.V. supports the establishment and operation of a mobile eye clinic which serves the population in remote rural regions throughout Cameroon.

Mr. Thoren showed our students the impressive work of the organization through a presentation and pictures. One of the most moving stories was about individuals who had such serve cataracts that they could no longer see. All it took to change those patients’ lives and help them see again was a 30-minute operation that removed cataracts. ISR would like to thank Mr. Thoren for his visit and wish the organization continued success. Click below if you are interested in finding more information on Augenhilfe Afrika e.V. and its activities: https://www.augenhilfe-afrika.de/