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Visit to the Turkish Consulate in Düsseldorf

On Monday some of our Turkish parents, accompanied by our Head of Upper School and IB Coordinator, Mr. Cete, had the honor of visiting the Turkish Consulate in Düsseldorf.

Mission. After the visit of the Turkish Consul General Mrs. Gürel at ISR in January, our parents received an invitation to visit the Consulate, which they accepted with great enthusiasm. They also met the Education Attaché Ms Özdoğan and continued previous conversations about our school and the Turkish community at ISR. Their goal is to maintain a continuous and open dialogue and to offer Turkish lessons at ISR soon.

We would like to sincerely thank the Turkish Consulate for the invitation and the wonderful morning. Special thanks to the Turkish Consul General Mrs. Grürel and Ms Özdoğan, who welcomed us warmly.