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Big Brother / Big Sister Project

If you are new in a school and joining an international community, finding yourself in a new learning environment can quickly become a hurdle, especially for younger students. Therefore, ISR, led by Mr. Urban, offers the "Big Brother and Big Sister" CAS project.

High school students are assigned a younger student to spend time with in selected breaks. By doing this, the children can quickly acquaint themselves to the school and also have an experienced caregiver, to whom they can turn to with questions. 

However, these friendships often go far beyond this; since the CAS project has been taking place for a few years now, many friendships have already formed between the new inexperienced ones and their big brother / sister.
It is always a delight to watch the students arrive new and anxious on their first day of school but go on to have a wonderful time because of their big brother/ sister. Positive development can be seen through this project. We are very happy that every year so many students sign up to assume the responsibility to be a sibling role for a younger student.
Not only is this an enormous help to our newcomers, but it also greatly helps improve the social development skills of our students.