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St. Martins Parade

Colorful home-made lanterns, happy children's faces and St. Martin's songs and, of course, St. Martin on his horse. After our kindergarteners happily and enthusiastically celebrated St. Martin in the morning, the older children and their parents came together in the evening to celebrate St. Martin.

After the parade, everyone met at ISR to round off the exciting evening with a bonfire and self-made Stockbrot. A huge thank you goes out to the Parent Network and the team of parent volunteers for organizing the parade, as well as the hot drinks and treats around the bonfire. Thank you to all the families, students and staff who participated in this event. Your involvement and support is invaluable and goes a long way in keeping up the international spirit of our community. 

For all families who do not know the St. Martin's tradition: every year around November 11, children with colorful lanterns roam the dark streets and sing happy St. Martin and lantern songs. So who was St. Martin? St. Martin was a Roman soldier born in 316 AD. According to the legend, on a cold winter's day, he passed a starving and freezing beggar. Martin felt so sorry for him that he cut his coat with his sword and gave the beggar half of his coat. In the night, Martin dreamed about the beggar who revealed himself as Jesus Christ. After this experience, Martin wanted to be baptized. Later, he became Bishop of the city of Tours (now in France) and today is the patron saint of several professional groups.