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Member of Parliament and Politician Dr. Jörg Geerlings explains his world to our students

Today Dr. Geerlings, a representative from the CDU and member of the parliament (CDU parliamentary group North Rhine-Westphalia), visited ISR to discuss the workings of parliament and the interesting tasks and responsibilities of a politician.

Dr. Geerlings emphasized the importance of actively participating in policy-making and made it clear to the students that all of us are a part of politics and can make a difference, for example by participating in elections. He also explained to our students the duties and responsibilities that comes along with being a politician.

It was an exciting day with many different questions. Our students were very thankful for his time and enjoyed the inspirational discussion.

On behalf of the entire school we would like to thank Dr. Jörg Geerlings for his time at ISR. Getting first-hand information and exchange experiences of an active politician was a valuable experience for our students.

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