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University Visit to London and Oxford

Fourteen ISR students from tenth and eleventh grades spent three days visiting British universities recently. Dr. Dickers and Mr. Capé guided the students in an extensive visit to five University of London institutions—University College, King’s College, Queen Mary, Imperial College, and London School of Economics—as well as a day at the University of Oxford.

During these visits, ISR students typically were given a campus tour, as well as a presentation from a university admissions official about courses, costs, extra-curricular activities, the application process and other key details. The students were able to see first-hand the various buildings and student facilities, as well as their immediate surroundings, either in Greater London, or in Oxford. At the latter, students visited two of the 30 colleges, and heard about the distinctive character of each. Our visitors were able to appreciate the differences between a relatively recent Oxford college, St. Catherine’s, and one of the traditional historic ones, Queen’s. The students also had a taste of Britain’s capricious weather, with one day sunny and relatively warm, followed by another day that was bleak and rainy. ISR university visits will continue at the University of Bonn on Saturday, November 17, followed by the RWTH Aachen visit on January 21, along with the traditional Dutch university trip in February. Further details are available from the UCC office.

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