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Sunflower Festival in Meerbusch

Yesterday, the streets in Meerbusch once again were full of life at the annual Sonnenblumenfest. Numerous stands, open shops, a wide-ranging stage program and the gourmet mile made this year's Sonnenblumenfest an absolute highlight.

In the middle of the festival, our yellow, American school bus stole the show with a wide range of programs for the young and old. Our talented SLO® students imaginatively transformed children into lions, butterflies and yellow sunflowers through face painting. In addition, all visitors could tinker with their own sunflower and even plant sunflower seeds for themselves in small ISR glasses.

Our wonderful music school partner, Musicbox Oxana, accompanied us during the day with many songs and musical entertainments. The ISR choir, led by Ms. Stephanie Bucher, was a highlight of the Sonnenblumenfest's stage program.

Our fun-loving mascot Spirit distributed hundreds of sunflowers during the day to all visitors and rounded off the event.

We already look forward to next year's Sonnenblumenfest!