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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

SLO Leadership Weekend

Over the weekend, 18 students from ISR's SLO Leadership team gathered for a weekend of leadership and teambuilding workshops and fun in Brilon in Sauerland.

Our Head Prefect and Deputy and Senior Prefects, worked throughout the weekend on building leadership, communication, and organizational skills to prepare for them for their journey as an SLO prefect. Prefects also worked within their departments to define and create a plan to achieve SLO goals under the Theme of the Year, Staying Ahead.

Our students also had the chance to do some Rock Climbing and play some fun games. The weekend provided everyone the chance to get to know one another and develop the skills they need to make this school year the best one yet for SLO and ISR! Be sure to keep your out eye on this amazing team of students! Great things are sure to come this year!