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Exciting new possibilities for our Music Students

The support for our musical students has further increased: After only one Upper Secondary School student chose music as subject during this last school year, we are proud of the 13 students who have taken up music for the next school year. Four of whom will take music as a subject in their IB exam. In order for all this to be possible, a few changes have been made in the music department.

The music room at ISR has been equipped with a total of 15 computers which have a special software to provide the students the necessary tools for their musical development. The software allows students to record their own music. The goal is that students not only learn how to play an instrument or learn the history of music, but also to write their own masterpieces and record them.

We are looking forward to seeing the results and we are more than happy to offer our students this new opportunity!

2018 06 music lab