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‘School Gate’ Painting in London Art Exhibiton

Great News! ISR School in partnership with Mrs. Simpson Worboys are exhibiting “The School Gate” painting at Happenstance Gallery in London. This painting reached the final of the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 2018. A teamwork painting, inspired and guided by Mrs. Simpson Worboys who works in creative partnership with the ISR school on the Rhine.

Eight people were inspired to create this painting in December 2017 in a then new temporary art space at ISR school, Germany. Students signed up to the ‘Halls and Walls’ project voluntarily through the Creativity Activity Services programme in School and the students created this and other paintings in their free periods. Students were encourage to sketch the front of the school, the initial sketch was then used as a reference point, throughout the creation of the painting. The participants in the work were guided to loosely use a similar colour palette to Lowry’s limited palette, but it’s not exactly the same, students were allowed artistic freedom and they worked on the painting when they were free to do so the students where guided onto a part of the painting based on their artistic strengths. The artists who created this painting where highly motivated, enthusiastic and positive in their creation of this piece.