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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Guido the Firefighter teaches Kindergarteners how to react in case of a fire

Our Kindergarten had an exciting visitor today! For one they learned that not all firefighters are called Sam, but some are also called Guido. Guido taught the children how to react when a fire breaks out and how to best remember the number to call in case of an emergency. By simply using your thumbs this is how you can remember it; one thumb on the right hand, one thumb on the left hand and together they make two – 112!

He also taught the children about the importance of getting immediately out of the house when there is a fire, to not look for their favourite toy and to not hide during a fire.  The children got to try on the smoke protection masks. The masks are usually brought to the scene of a fire to put on people who are saved during the fire outbreak.

All children had a really fun and educational time. The older kindergarteners are already looking forward to visit Guido at the fire station in a few weeks.