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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters

Student Spotlights: Spotlight On Our student Pamela

Pamela (6B) came to ISR from Finland in the summer of 2018. Pamela settled in very quickly into ISR’s sports community and in August she became the Neusser City Champion in the 3-part Track and Field competition (long jump, ball throwing, and sprinting) and in the 800 meters sprint.

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Kindness is Contagious! Can You Catch It?

Our third- and fourth graders are currently in the final stages of their “Advising” project named “Kindness is contagious!”. The project aims to emphasize the importance of kindness and to motivate our students to have a positive impact on their day to day to school life. For the implementation of the project, our primary school teachers have come up with something particularly beautiful. Students who were noticed for of their positive and friendly behaviour, will be awarded with a small letter.

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Mr Auris From Henkel Visited ISR

Last week we had the great honor of welcoming Mr. Jan-Dirk Auris, Member of the Henkel Management Board, to our school. Mr. Auris is also responsible for Adhesive Technologies.

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DELE Certificates For ISR Students

“Learning a new language, just like opening a new window, allows you to see the world with intimacy.” ― Pearl Zhu. Today, in a very cozy and personalized ceremony that took place in the library, we handed out several DELE certificates to our talented students.

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The Elf Musical At ISR

Today, the SLO® Drama Club put on a production of Elf The Musical here at ISR. Based off the movie of the same name, the musical follows Buddy a loveable man who grew up surrounded by the spirit of Santa and all of the elves in the North Pole.

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International Breakfast at ISR

Today, our wonderful Parent Network provided a delicious buffet of goodies for our International Breakfast. Parents brought to school homemade traditional food from their home county to share with the others. Whether you prefer a sweet breakfast or a hearty breakfast, there was something for everyone.

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