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NGZ Sportsman of the Year award ceremony at ISR

We were excited to host the NGZ and the foundation “Partner für Sport und Bildung” Sportsman of the Year award ceremony at ISR yesterday. Many of the top athletes from Neuss and the surrounding region came together for a wonderful event to recognize their outstanding accomplishments. We would also like to congratulate the world champion in equestrian vaulting, Mona Pavetic, the rudder duo, Alina Stammen and Vera Spanke, as well as all of the other athletes who made an appearance.

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Uri Orlev visits ISR

We were honoured to have Mr. Orlev as a guest speaker in ISR on March 3rd and 4th. Mr. Uri Orlev is a world-wide award winning children’s author and a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Over the span of two days, he spoke with our 5–12 grade students.

The students were very excited to have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with Mr. Orlev. They were so concentrated on his stories that you could hear a pin drop. As he shared his encounters, the students’ curiosity caught fire and they asked many well-thought out questions. We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Orlev for taking the time to bring a part of history closer to the students.

Carnival 2015

“There is no magic formula for success at school.
Great teachers at ISR are what makes learning cool!”

We chose our motto to correspond with our school concept: “It is cool to be good in school!” whether it is in academics, sports, music or even Carnival!

ISR families and teachers were at both the Neuss Carnival parade (Kappessonntagszug) last Sunday and the Dusseldorf Carnival parade (Rosenmontagszug) this past Monday. We had fantastic weather, well over 1 million spectators and a lot of fun! Thank you to all of the ISR families and staff who dressed up in Carnival costumes and joined us on the ISR Carnival float. It was a great party!

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ISR Ski and Snowboard Camp

Last week, 15 ISR students together with Mr. Johnstone and Ms Racheva, hit the slopes of Zillertal, in Südtirol for 6 days of skiing and snowboarding, organised by David Blackall and The Shackleton Way. The ISR group was greeted by fantastic weather and excellent fresh-snow conditions, making it a truly unforgettable week for our students and teachers!

ISR International Day & Info Day 2015

Our annual International Day this past Saturday was a spectacular success with over 1000 visitors in attendance. Culture, food and traditions from India, USA, Japan, France, China, Russia, Brazil, Greece und Germany were brought to life in the classrooms that were transformed by students and teachers into a mini-version of each country. Mr. Landrat Petrauschke and Mr. Peter Soliman opened the day's celebrations.

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David Li: International golf champion

Congratulations to our student David Li (10B) for winning the “Pars International Junior Championship” in his age group. The tournament took place from December 28th – 30th in Florida, USA and David won the rounds with 72, 72 and 71 (that’s a lead by 7 strokes). Well done David!

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Alumni Reception

On December 18, former ISR students visited ISR for an Alumni reception. The ISR alumni, who are now university students, shared their experiences studying Medicine, Law, Business and Management and Liberal Arts. There were interesting answers to questions from the upper class students who are in the process of transitioning from high school to university studies.

Every year it is nice for the Alumni to see each other again at ISR. It was a great experience for all present to hear how our former students are doing at university!

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