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ISR Open House

We hosted another exciting Open House last Saturday, October 25th. Many current, new, and interested families took this opportunity to join us for an educational and fun filled day.

Everyone enjoyed wandering the school, taking part in demo lessons, meeting our partners, hearing musical performances from students and Musicbox Oxana, discovering the magic of science and much more! We are glad that so many interested families joined us and could get a first impression of our school and ISR community.

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Talent Show at ISR

Last week 70 of our students put on a talent show that wowed the audience gathered in the ISR cafeteria.

Students in Grades 5–12 enjoyed two hours of music, dancing, magic, Kung-Fu, mental math and theater with a total of 26 creative and highly talented performances. One more lesson learned from our students: the sky is the limit!

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8th Grade discovers Rome!

During the fall break ISR teachers Mrs. Wellon and Mr. Urban travelled with twenty, grade eight students, to Rome for the first ever Social Studies educational trip! The students spent five days exploring the sites of Ancient Rome in connection with their grade eight curriculum.

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Magical Moments @ ISR with Magician Alexey Pivavorov

48 ISR kids were happy to welcome Magician Alexey Pivovarov this week for an extraordinary performance including not only amazing tricks, but also providing an insight into the history of magic and its principles, which are based on optical illusions, misdirection, sleight of hands, surprise, imagination and emotions. Following the show, he offered an extended magic workshop for 20 students teaching them four astonishing tricks and how to step up as a real magician in front of an audience. Probably some parents have been patient witnesses to several tries afterwards at home!

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Immersion into a Jazz World – Workshop with Elisabeth Lohninger & Walter Fischbacher

In a playful way and with a jazzy smile on her face, Ms. Elisabeth Lohninger, a renowned jazz vocalist and an accomplished performer and songwriter from New York and Mr. Walter Fischbacher, jazz keyboardist based in New York, currently on tour in Europe with his band Phischbacher, fascinated 17 of our students during a Jazz workshop taken place in our school on Wednesday October 7th. Students from the International School in Bonn also joined our workshop accompanied by their music teacher Mrs. Kathlyn Szalay. This workshop is one of a number of music projects that are taking place this year in the ISR and that are embedded in the curriculum.

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Stomp Out Bullying Day

ISR celebrated ‘STOMP OUT BULLYING DAY’ on Monday, 5th October. Organized by the SLO® (Student Life Organization) Discipline Department, the ISR community was encouraged to wear the color blue to take a visible stand against bullying.

The morning started with a video created by students to bring awareness to bullying in schools, encouraging other students to STAND UP when they see bullying taking place. ISR will share the finalized video with all families once it is done.

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Classic Cars & Classic Music

Our partner, Classic Remise, celebrated their annual Fall Festival last weekend. Over 10,000 visitors enjoyed the unique presentation of classic cars in an exceptional ambience where exclusive technology, esthetic, and lifestyle made one feel like they travelled back in time. In the midst of 2,500 classic cars, talented young musicians from ISR and Musicbox Oxana played on a Bechstein concert piano and brought classical music to the cars in a class of their own – “classic meets classic.”

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