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Have you heard?

Things are changing at ISR. Even our name! This week, Investor Peter Soliman signed a licensing agreement with SABIS® Educational Systems. In the coming months, ISR will change its status from a limited liability company (LLC or in German GmbH) to become a non-profit organization with the name, "ISR International School on the Rhine gGmbH."

This new business structure will allow ISR, among other things, to accept tax-deductible donations. ISR will also be able to more-than-double its offer of scholarships.

ISR will continue its academic operations as is. This means continued academic excellence which has afforded the Class of 2014 these top university offers as well as afforded former graduating classes this impressive list of university places. This also means sustained academic achievement in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program:

ib-results 2012-2013

ISR parents, staff, and students are looking forward ISR’s further growth and development and being able to welcome more students from the community and surrounding region!

*Some values have changed due to regrades. The IBO officially reports averages for schools in whole numbers and national and worldwide averages with decimal points.