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Victorious: GISST Under 14 Girls and Boys Badminton Tournament

ISR Internationale Schule am Rhein in Neuss is very proud to have welcomed the GISST German International School Sports Tournament Under 14 Girls and Boys Badminton Tournament on Friday, December 6th and Saturday, December 7th to Neuss. ISR won 1st Place overall, as well as all 1st Place awards for Girls Singles and Doubles and Boys Singles and Doubles. International School Hannover achieved 2nd Place overall and Bavarian International School acheived 3rd Place.

It is moments like these, the true engagement of the teachers, parents, and students is only underscored. The ISR team competed against 70 students from international schools throughout Germany. Those students were graciously housed by ISR parents. Parents also provided meals and transportation for their young visitors.

Such commitment particularly highlights the solidarity of the ISR community. An Under 14 female ISR player responded to congratulations from School Director Ms. Lyons, "Next year, we will enter a Varsity Team and win!!" Congratulations to Saud, Dominique, Julia, Franca, Janna, Joshua, Kira, and Marc!