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International Day 2013 was here!

ISR celebrated another International Day on Saturday, the 9th November and we had the pleasure to welcome ca. 1000 visitors, including ISR families and friends. Our focus countries this year were: Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Bulgaria, and Nigeria. Activities included face painting, making bracelets, making paper roses, getting your name written in Bulgarian, playing marbles, a tombola and much more.

Highlights of this year's über-yummy Taste of the World menu were: Singaporean mee siam—rice vermicelli in a tangy sauce; Canadian beaver tails—fried dough covered in cinnamon and powdered sugar; Dutch Goudse kaas met stemgember, zilveruitjes, augurkjes, tomaat en walnoten—gouda served with a selection of sweet ginger, cocktail onions, pickled gherkins, tomatoes and walnuts; Lebanese plate of appetizers—falafel, نعنع و لبن mint yoghurt, hummus, سلطة بندورة و خيار tomato and cucumber salad; Bulgarian Баница little cakes filled with goat cheese; Nigerian Kuli kuli peanut butter balls.

The tombola was graciously sponsored by the following companies: Moll Gruppe; Neuss-Grevenbroicher Zeitung; Okidoki-Kinderland; Deutsche Oper am Rhein; and Wabbles Clubreisen. A big thank you for the wonderful collaboration (parents, teachers, students, administration) which took place on November 9th and the weeks leading up to it.