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Excellent IB results for 3rd straight year!

Results of the May 2013 International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme were released in July and reflect impressive performance for 2013 ISR Graduates. Just as impressive is ISR’s list of offers from universities. With each cohort, a greater number of ISR graduates have been in the rigorous SABIS® system for a longer period of time. The IB results show that:

  • ISR reached three milestones in 2013. Two scores in the mid-40s were awarded (a score of 45 is a perfect score). ISR topped its previous highest IB score of 41 with a 43. ISR has added a Japanese-English bilingual diploma to its achievements. And finally, ISR achieved its first IB Music subject award with a 6 out of 7. The world average for IB Music is 4.
  • Of the 14 ISR students registered for the IB diploma, 13 of them or 93% of the candidates received the full IB diploma with an average score of 34*. A forty-five (45) is a perfect score. IB World Average: 29.81. IB Average Score in Germany in 2013: 31.25.
  • Of those earning the full diploma, 100% earned the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma. IB World Average in 2013: 28%.
  • Of the 9 ISR students seeking German university qualification, 8 of them or eighty-nine (89%) received it.
  • It is roughly considered that a passing score per subject is 3 or higher with a maximum score of 7. With that in mind, ISR IB candidates received 100% passing scores in ALL subjects, with an average of 5.43 out of 7: Biology HL, Biology SL, Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL, Economics HL, Economics SL, English A Lit HL, English A Lit SL, English A Lit Lang SL, English B SL, French B HL, Geography HL, Geography SL, German A Lit HL, German A Lit SL, German A Lang Lit HL, German A Lang Lit SL, History Europe/Middle Europe HL, History SL, Japanese A1 Self Taught SL, Math Studies SL, Mathematics HL, Mathematics SL, Music Solo Performance SL, Physics HL, Physics SL, Spanish B HL, Spanish B SL, and Spanish Ab Initio. SL=Standard Level, HL= High Level. Note: A score of 3 is acceptable in a limited context. IB World Average in 2013 in the same subjects: 4.85 out of 7.
  • ISR had an additional candidate registered for IB certificate courses. This student’s success is included in the subject scores above.

All fifteen ISR graduates from the class of 2013 earned a SABIS® High School Diploma on 21 June 2013, signifying successful completion of high school. ISR takes great pride in its successes, especially since it positions itself as an international school which implements a non-selective admissions policy with the aim to help all students achieve their full potential.

*Some values have changed due to regrades. The IBO officially reports averages for schools in whole numbers and national and worldwide averages with decimal points.