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Our latest university offers – including Cambridge

We are pleased to announce that our students continue to receive offers from outstanding universities throughout Europe. British universities always reply first, so most of these are from the UK, even though many of our students have applied to a variety of countries. Perhaps the most noteworthy information is that one of our students has now received offers to study Mathematics at Imperial College, London, University of Warwick, and last—but not least—University of Cambridge.

Another student, seeking to study Architecture, has received an offer from the University of Bath, which is often considered the top British university for architectural studies. Many of our students have received offers in Business/Marketing/Management from Russell Group institutions (24 of the top universities), among them King’s College, London, and University College, London, University of Leeds and University of Manchester. Yet another of our students has offers in Chemistry from University of Bath, University College, London, and University of Bristol.

In addition, one of our budding young scientists has received offers in Physics from University of Bath and King’s College, London.  We also have a student interested in Media and Communications, and she has received an offer from Goldsmith’s, University of London, one of the leading universities in that field. Still another student has opted to combined three subjects, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and has received an offer from the University of Sussex in Brighton, which always ranks among Britain’s top institutions in student satisfaction surveys. We are particularly pleased that one of our students has received the unusual honor of an unconditional offer (which is very rare) and means that he need not obtain a particular IB score.  This offer is in Digital Media Design from Plymouth University, which shows that the student was judged to be unusually strong in this particular field.