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NRW Ministers Yvonne Gebauer and Lutz Lienenkämper visit ISR

Last Friday, NRW Minister of Education, Yvonne Gebauer, and NRW Minister of Finance, Lutz Lienenkämper, visited our school. Accompanied by our advisory board, representatives of the press and some parents, Peter Soliman led the ministers on a tour of the school. After visiting the Kindergarten, Cafeteria, Exam Hall, IT-Lab and SLO office, the group reached the Science Lab. Here, the ministers were able to test our Virtual Reality glasses and observe Killian O'Brien’s lesson. The e-book project and the 3D printer were also presented to the ministers and the press. They were very impressed.

A panel discussion on digitizing education resulted in some interesting ideas that we will take up next year. However, it also became clear that equipping a school with technology is not everything. The commitment of the teachers, their function as role models and their ability to motivate our students is an integral component in student success. At the end of the visit, Santa Claus presented the ministers with our yearbook. Many thanks to the ministers, parents and representatives of the press!